Frontline Records is home to over 100 recording artists. It became an important label in the development of the West Coast Christian alternative music scene. Their roster included what 7ball magazine would later refer to as "truly classic alternative, rap, metal, and rock" music and HM editor Doug Van Pelt would call "the lion's share" of classic hard Christian music.


Paul Valadez, original bassist for the band, Adam Again, passed away last Friday night.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Roxann as well as his family and friends. 

 If you missed this podcast last week - you can take a listen here. From the Frontline Vault, music from a new “Fall" compilation, selected by Rewind Podcasts’s host, Brian Healy (Dead Artist Syndrome).  The music on this compilation features songs that express the ups and downs of life, love and faith.  When someone leaves this world, seemingly, too early - at times like these we appreciate even more the music and legacy that lives on through their music.  Adam Again’s, You Can Fall In Love (from In A New World Of Time) is heard here along with many other amazing songs, chosen by Brian.  

The other artists featured are diverse, chart-toppers; each with a high level of critical acclaim. 

Rick Elias, Mortal, Rainy Days, Randy Rose, Altar Boys, The Straw Theory, Poor Old Lu, Lifesavers, My Little Dog China, Chaos Is The Poetry, Kevin Clay, Echoing Green, Dead Artist Syndrome

Hear Brian’s commentary on this amazing album compilation in this week’s Rewind Podcast: